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Welcome to The King Claw

Seafood restaurants in Charleston, SC and Albany, GA - The King Claw is one of the most popular destinations for seafood enthusiasts! King Claw is inspired by the Viet-cajun elegance of boil-in-a-bag seafood that holds all the juicy flavor of the ocean. Then we add our very own unique mixture of the best spices that take the taste to another level. We can confirm that you won’t find our flavor anywhere else. We collect the freshest seafood, prepare them as you order, and encourage you to grab your hand in the bag to enjoy the heavenly taste of our signature seafood combinations. We believe that having quality and fresh foods with friends and family is the best feeling in the world. Come, open up a bag, and enjoy the best seafood in the town where the ultimate juiciness waits for you.

We are always enthusiastic about serving the freshest and the best low-country seafood that will surely satisfy your craving for it. Here, you can enjoy the low-country sea just like a local, and the service and smile will make you come back here at the Charleston seafood restaurant. Though out all the seasons, the King Claw offers you top-notch cordiality erected on strong connections and a commitment to serving the community. We consider our customers as the main ingredients of our success. They are not the one that depends on us, but we depend on them. They are not strangers in our business but a part of it. We are not doing any favors by having them, but they are the one that is doing us a favor by letting us do so. Come in and raise your sleeve to enjoy the freshest and tastiest seafood at Charleston King Claw. Here, everything in our menu from the calamari to our signature seafood combinations, everything is made from the freshest local, ingredients. We are always gladly open to your queries and suggestion anytime.